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Online Keno  
Keno Advice

Keno tips are, like the game itself, a rather simple subject to understand, since winning at this game is a matter of luck. It’s pure chance. Perhaps the best keno tip is: Take a little time to study the casino’s keno pay schedule, whether the game is being played on a Web site or in a live casino. Payouts are made according to a specific pay table and these vary from place to place.

In addition to taking a close look at the general pay schedule, you should take a few minutes to study the payouts for different wagers. Each number space on the keno ticket is referred to as a spot, so a game in which you choose four numbers will be called a Spot 4. In this case you pick your numbers and if you hit three of the four, for example, you might win four dollars for a one dollar bet. If you are playing a Spot 10 game, you could get almost $600 for hitting eight of the numbers.

Video screens and computer technology have changed keno quite a bit from the days when players marked a paper card or ticket, handed it to a “runner” who took the card to the keno booth then brought back a ticket with the chosen numbers on it. People have gotten into the habit of playing video keno, betting, using a touch screen and getting results in a matter of seconds. The game moves much faster with video keno and on the Web-based casinos.

Aside from trying different ways of choosing numbers, keno tips are rather limited. Since this is a game of luck, there is not much a player can do to change the results. Keno lovers usually emphasize that the game should be played for enjoyment, as a pastime with little skill required. Veterans have at least one keno winning tip for the newcomer: Don’t spend a lot of time looking for a strategy or a “guaranteed” system, just settle on a way of choosing numbers (birthday, license number etc.) and get started.

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