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Charity Rakeback  

If you are an online poker player or you are thinking about starting to play poker online you may be very interested in Charity Rakeback and what they do. Even if you are not a poker player or never thought about the idea of playing poker online, you may be also quite interested about what Charity Rakeback is and what they are doing.

Charity Rakeback is rakeback poker website aimed to contribute to Charity Projects and Programs thanks to the donation of the rake of those poker players that join a casino room through them.

What you should know about poker rakeback

No rakeback website is allowed to payout real rakeback!

As clearly said upper, there is no website allowed to pay you the rake back. You may be confusing about this issue, because when reading on rakeback websites in Internet you may think that you will get back the money collected from the rake, but, it is not this way! And it is not this way because these rakeback websites are simply not allowed to do it so.

Special promotions, special codes, special signup bonuses

Is something “special” when you can get it anywhere? No, it is not. If you can get something anywhere it should not be named “special”, it should be named “normal”. This is another important thing you may know if you are an online poker player: all bonuses, sign-up promos and special codes are offered directly from the casino, so, they are everywhere the same. You can get these bonuses, sign-up promos or “special” codes directly at the casino room or through any third party website offering it.

What Charity Rakeback does

As described, Charity Rakeback is aimed to contribute to Charity thanks to the donation of the poker rake of those players that join a poker room through them. No one can get the rakeback paid out, so, if you don’t get this money anyway, why leaving it to a rakeback site instead of donating it?

When a player starts to play poker online through Charity Rakeback his/her rake goes directly to Charity. The player joining through Charity Rakeback is able to select the percentage of rake he/she wants to donate to Charity, up to 100%, and also to select the Charity Program where to donate this rake.

How to make your rakeback donation

The steps for making your poker rake donation are very simple:

  • Go to www.charity-rakeback.com and choose the poker room you would like to start to play poker online. For example, if you would like to play poker at Party Poker, just go to the page of Party Poker in Charity Rakeback click on the button “Get Party Poker Rakeback” and you will be redirected to the Party Poker room.
  • Once there, register normal as a new poker player. When registering you get a personal code, keep this code.
  • Come back to www.charity-rakeback.com, register in the Member Area and use the personal code you got (in this case from Party Poker). By using this code, your accounts between Charity Rakeback and Party Poker are connected and therefore the rakeback you get from Party Poker will automatically appear in the Member Area of Charity Rakeback.
  • Select the Charity Project where you want to make your rakeback donation and the percentage of poker rake you want to donate, up to 100%.
  • Monthly updates will appear in your Member Area, with the proofs of the donations. Visit www.charity-rakeback.com any time, keep reading about the Charity Projects and what is new.

Who supports Charity Rakeback?

Charity Rakeback is a website made by Holger Henle (Germany, 25 years), a website developer and amateur online poker player very sensitized to the injustices of the world. His idea of Charity Rakeback came when realising that many websites were collecting lots amounts of money through the rakeback of poker players and using this money mainly for marketing campaigns. Holger came to the question: why not using this money for a much better purpose? And that is what he made! He started to investigate more about making this idea come true and built the website of www.charity-rakeback.com.

Yes, we can make a better world together!

That is what Holger thinks and probably most of us. Internet is the best tool for getting in touch with others, for reading the truth of what is happening in the world. Why not using this great tool for making good things? The great idea of donating the rakeback to Charity Projects is just a good start. The next step is that people in the poker community should know about Charity Rakeback and what is doing. This is the only way to get these rakeback donations for Charity. Internet is great for that! Social sites like facebook or twitter as well as any other website related to poker or even to any other topic are a great opportunity for letting people know about Charity Rakeback.

If you also agree with Charity Rakeback and think that donating the rakeback to Charity is much better than giving this money to websites that use it mainly for marketing campaigns, please contribute with your help by telling about Charity Rakeback to other people. The most poker players join through Charity Rakeback the most donations can be made to Charity!

Charity Rakeback has created a page named “How Can I Help”. Have a look to this page and contribute helping. A better world is possible!

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