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Roulette is the third most popular casino game worldwide, after slots and video poker. Why is it so popular? Well it is fun, exciting, easy to play, and has certain glamour attached to it...


Along with polite etiquette, remembering to Act in Turn is extremely important. In poker, any piece of information that can be learned about another player's hand is extremely helpful. What is acting in turn? Well if the phrase isn't clear enough it refers to waiting for your turn to take action on your hand.


Play slots that have high payouts or big jackpots. Online slots generally have higher payouts than live casinos due to less overhead costs. Check the payout schedule. You need to know what winning combinations of symbols you are aiming to get and adjust your playing strategy accordingly.


Blackjack is one of the few casino games that a player can gain the house edge if they carefully play according to a strategy. Basic blackjack strategies tell the player when to take and win to stand on a hand.


The game of online Baccarat is reaching a level of popularity never attained by the game of Baccarat in the traditional land casinos. That’s not to say that the game of Baccarat doesn’t have its loyal patrons in the land casinos.


Backgammon involves strategy, intuition and luck, as each roll of the dice a player has the opportunity to choose between many possible moves. In addition, the doubling cube raises the stakes of the present game; and, rules like Jacoby Rule and Crawford Rule add to the strategic possibilities.


Keno tips are, like the game itself, a rather simple subject to understand, since winning at this game is a matter of luck. It’s pure chance. Perhaps the best keno tip is: Take a little time to study the casino’s keno pay schedule, whether the game is being played on a Web site or in a live casino.


Craps (previously known as crabs) is a popular casino gambling game using dice . Players wager money against the casino on the outcome of one roll, or of a series of rolls of two dice.

Pai Gow Poker:

Pia Gow Poker is the American version of the popular Asian tile game, Pia Gow. This gamed is played on the casino floor with a 52-card deck and a single joker. The joker can only be used as an ace or to complete a straight, flush or straight flush.


A game that is as old as the centuries, bingo has adapted itself to entertain people of all ages, sexes and creeds. The game continues to provide players friendship, fun and excitement.

Horse Racing:

The many forms of horse racing are like a double-edged sword: it affords plenty of variety for punters on the one hand, and confuses betting odds for novices on the other! You may know the intricacies of handicapping in one form of horse racing, but be at a loss in terms of betting odds when taking part in another form of the sport for the first time.

Sports Betting:

Sports betting, as most of you will probably already know is not a new concept, in fact betting on sports has been around nearly forever. As far back as Greek and Roman civilizations there were sports and staged competitions where attendants wagered on the outcome.

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